Whether you have a dedicated technology team or are a start up broker our Zapier application will make the distribution of our content seamless.

If you want even more power and flexibility with a zero-coding API solution, look no further than our Zapier integration that allows you to integrate our content into hundreds of different products and platforms. Our Zapier App is by invitation only.

Social Media

Diversify your social media content while keeping your feeds fresh with our Automated social media posting.

Whether your ROI from Social Media platforms is questionable, or you’re actively promoting social media interaction with your customers, we have the ability to reduce the amount of effort and money you spend keeping your channel active and engaging. We can automatically post to dozens of social media platforms, including the most popular ones such as Facebook and Twitter

Communication platforms

Communication is key to keeping your traders engaged and our messaging integrations make this easier than ever.

It’s difficult to find any business that doesn’t rely on some form of customer messaging. Some still use email, others use SMS, while others use push notifications. Whether you’re using SMS, Push Notifications, Intercom, MarketingCloud, Pardot, MailChimp, etc, our solution will connect to the way you do business and communicate with your customers.


Our mature API’s are available to integrate our content into any of your systems.

Add analysis and content into any web-enabled, desktop, or mobile application, as well as messaging and content management systems.

Our APIs provide your developers with an extensive range of content and analysis that can be easily integrated with existing web, desktop and mobile applications. Using our APIs will enable you to completely customize the experience your users have with our service; which guarantees a unique experience for your clients. .

Simplify the world of retention

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