The latest EMU Industrial Production YoY number has been released as -0.5%.
There is a 87.5% probability that USDCHF will trend up for the next few hours.

This probability is based on the last 12 EMU Industrial Production YoY events, in which 7 of the last 8 events where the actual number was greater than than the economist consensus resulted in an up trend of USDCHF.

Here are images of the past events:

Thursday 13 Jun at 09:00 AM GMT:

Tuesday 14 May at 09:00 AM GMT:

Wednesday 13 Mar at 10:00 AM GMT:

Wednesday 12 Dec at 10:00 AM GMT:

Wednesday 14 Nov at 10:00 AM GMT:

Friday 12 Oct at 09:00 AM GMT:

Thursday 12 Jul at 09:00 AM GMT:

Disclaimer: Past performance may not be indicative of future performance