RAZR Insight of customers

Defining moments creates an opportunity to implement enhanced customer touchpoints to maximize Client Lifetime Value.

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.

– Joe Chernov

How automation works

  • RAZR Insight

    Generates behaviour events that will fuel your firm's retention engine. Segment, Personalize and Monetize.

  • Customer Journey

    Create a customer journey for each behaviour-based trigger event. You can add Email, SMS, and Push notifications containing targeted personalized messages.

  • Behavioral Trigger

    When a customer reflects target behaviour, such as inconsistent position sizing, RAZR will trigger that customer journey.

  • Communication Automation Flow Starts

    Now that RAZR behaviour has sent the trigger, the automation begins, and the customer receives the first communication: "Have you noticed that the following positions are unbalanced."

  • Personalization Achieved

    This relevant personal experience drives engagement, retention, and Client Lifetime Value.

It costs 16x more to nurture a new customer to the same level of revenue contribution of your existing, loyal customers

– Francis Buttle

Content Solutions

Customer Journey Email Templates

  • Behavioral emails use personalization to design a truly unique experience for each customer.
  • Powerful, timely and relevant, providing customers  with value and usefulness

Delkos NETS (News Event Trading Service)

  • Delkos analytics forecast market movements around macroeconomic events.
  • Intuitive, Visual, Actionable Content to engage target behaviours.

Behaviour triggered emails generate 4x more revenue and 18x greater profit than regular emails

– Forrester Research