The US Michigan Consumer Sentiment Prel results where just released. The announcement is expected to affect the following instruments for the next few hours:

  • 6C
  • 6J
  • 6M
  • BP
  • BR
  • BZ
  • CC
  • CL
  • DC
  • ED
  • EMD
  • ES
  • FF
  • FV
  • GC
  • GF
  • HE
  • KC
  • LE
  • NIY
  • NKD
  • OJ
  • PA
  • RA
  • RB
  • RTY
  • RU
  • SB
  • SI
  • SM
  • SP
  • UB
  • YM
  • ZB
  • ZN
  • ZO
  • ZR
  • ZW
    Due to the increased volatility in the market around this news event we would advise that you review any open positions in the market.
    These statistics are based on the past 12 US Michigan Consumer Sentiment Prel events, in which these instruments were all affected

     Why this event matters:
    The Index of Consumer Expectations focuses on three areas: how consumers view prospects for their own financial situation, how they view prospects for the general economy over the near term, and their view of prospects for the economy over the long term. Each monthly survey contains approximately 50 core questions, each of which tracks a different aspect of consumer attitudes and expectations. The samples for the Surveys of Consumers are statistically designed to be representative of all American households, excluding those in Alaska and Hawaii. Each month, a minimum of 500 interviews are conducted by telephone.
    Disclaimer: Past performance may not be indicative of future performance